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In this page you will find all the relevant information regarding the EASL Hepatology Fellowships such as: hepatology fellowship program list, deadlines, amounts awarded, additional allowances, etc. Please read the general conditions before applying.

Testimonials about EASL Hepatology Fellowships

“The EASL Hepatology Fellowships are a great opportunity, not only to get financial support, but also to attend and present results at the ILC, an event that gathers worldwide experts in the field of hepatology.”
Teresa Cardoso Delgado, PhD – Liver Disease Lab, Vizcaya, Spain

“The application process was refreshingly straightforward and I was very much made to feel a part of the hepatology family.”
Jan Mašek | PhD – Karolinska Institutet -Sweden

Choose the Hepatology Fellowship you are interested in:

PhD Student Fellowship Juan Rodes

Applications are now closed

This competitive PhD student Research Fellowship programme is directed at young graduates who want to achieve a PhD degree in the field of basic, translational or clinical hepatology. The programme is open to Europeans and non-Europeans who wish to conduct a PhD thesis at a European centre.

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Post-graduate fellowship Sheila Sherlock

Applications are now closed

This competitive Postdoctoral Research Fellowship programme targets the most promising newly qualified postgraduate researchers who wish to expand research fields and start developing their independent research careers. The programme is open to Europeans and non-Europeans who wish to conduct post-graduate research at a European centre. Applicants must hold a PhD and /or a MD degree and have no more than two years of postgraduate research experience.

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The Short-Term Fellowship programme is directed at postgraduate investigators (both basic and clinical investigators) who intend to spend a limited amount of time (usually 3-6 months) at a foreign institution to accomplish a very focused research project, to learn an experimental procedure or methodology or to get in-depth knowledge about a sophisticated, clinical diagnostic procedure not available at the Home Institution.

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EASL Daniel Alagille Award

Applications are now closed

EASL launched a new fellowship programme for Young Investigators entitled ‘The Daniel Alagille Award’ in honour of Pr D. Alagille.  The purpose of this fellowship is to encourage biomedical research in the field of paediatric and adult genetic cholestatic diseases sharing mutual disease-causing mechanisms.

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EASL Hepatology Fellowships – General Conditions

  • Interested candidates may apply to more than one programme, but each applicant can obtain only one hepatology fellowship
  • If you are an unsuccessful applicant from previous years, we encourage you to apply again
  • EASL fellows who received funding under the previous fellowship scheme (Physician Scientist Fellowships, Post-Doc Research Fellowship, Entry-level Research Fellowship until 2017 and the Daniel Alagille Award) are not eligible to apply for the same fellowship under the current fellowship scheme.  If you have obtained the Short-Term fellowship within the past two years this condition also applies to you
  • Successful applicants shall be active members for the full duration of the programme. Also they will need to provide testimonial and feedback on the fellowship experience
  • No restriction on the applicant’s nationality
  • The Hosting Institution must be different from the Home Institution and preferably located in a different European country
  • The research supervisor(s) in the hosting institution must be EASL member(s) and must not be member(s) of the EASL Governing Board
  • Candidates must be active EASL members or have applied for membership at the time of the application
  • Applications are submitted online in English at easl.eu
  • The hepatology fellowship should begin at the latest by the end of the year of the awarded grant
  • Any presentation or publication of the data should mention the support of the work by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

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